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#MEAT is an associative abstraction of the Faust story, dramaturgically adapted for presentation in a 21st-century context. 

The Renaissance witnessed the dawn of the age of modern science and scholarship. The universal scholar as personified by Doctor Faust is regarded as the Renaissance ideal. 

Renaissance rationalism replaced the piety of the Middle Ages. The prevailing «We» that dominated human self-perception in the Middle Ages gave way in the Renaissance. This redefinition of the individuals position in the world became the driving impulse behind the subsequent spiritual and intellection development of the human race. The ego continues to shape our thoughts and actions today. 

The basic principles of empiricism were established: observation, investigation, research and empirical evidence formed the basis for all scholarly activity. Concern with the spiritual was progressively and systematically displaced by preoccupation with the material world, which was explored, analyzed and broken down into its smallest components. 

Today, 500 years later, roughly since the dawn of the third millennium, the influence of this Renaissance impulse has come to an end. 

The film #MEAT begins at the beginning of the Industrial Age and ends with the temporal and spatial dissolution of the self” in the immaterial digital present. #MEAT abandons the scientific methods and illustrations presented in Marc van den Broeks «Erfindungsgeister» in favor of an artistic, poetic approach to the history of human development. 

#MEAT unfolds in sequences between the realms of dream and reality and in the worlds between modern science, love and freedom. It illuminates archaic regions. The images are presented without commentary; their visual effects are underscored by sound. 

#MEAT deliberately avoids addressing the intellect, as its content cannot be comprehended at the rational level. Yet it speaks to intuition and emotions with striking intensity. 

The gist of the message conveyed by #MEAT: Like Faust, the protagonist recognizes the irreconcilability of reason and love, a field of tension that every viewer shapes individually. 

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