distills a hundred years of human inventiveness and arrives at a wordless digital dystopia thats as inescapable as mans thirst for knowledge and power.

Shot as a series of fragments by Belgian-born artist and sculptor Marc van den Broek, this six-minute art film resembles a retrofitted tale of Faust.
Essential elements of humanity, the written word, the human body, music - are clasped and reduced to mechanical function by van den Broeks eerily beautiful
sculptural restraints, strapped first onto a hand, a leg, head, finally an entire body. Hooks and eyes in the bowels of a warehouse reflect a fragment of binary script and double up as industrializations invitation to mass consumption. Ancient songlines metamorphose into the hum of drones.

Van den Broeks thesis is that the age of Renaissance is over, the promise of individualism depleted and humanity holding on by a slender thread.
#MEAT provides no easy conclusions or answers.

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© 2020 A.TE.M. Marc J. M. van den Broek