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Proposal for a memorial to the 1200 Jews deported from Wiesbaden during the Nazi regime, 1996 


Commissioned by the Wiesbaden Office of Cultural Affairs


Interactive sculpture, Mahnmal 1996, for the publicly accessible foyer of the Town Hall in Wiesbaden 


Technical specifications

Material: steel structure with brass plating

1400 doorbells and name plates (brass)

PC with touchscreen, database program / presentation software

Column dimensions: 
diameter approx. 100 cm, height approx. 210 cm


Functional description

Affixed to the column are 1400 doorbells with an equal number of name plates in which the names of the victims are engraved by hand. When a doorbell is pressed, the dataset containing personal information about the individual in question is displayed. Additional data can be retrieved via the integrated touchscreen on the sculpture.



Lists of names, portraits, pictures, film material, entries from registry office files and documents, etc., will be entered in the database and updated as needed by "Aktives Museum Deutsch-Jüdische Geschichte in Wiesbaden e. V.," a local support group.


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