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The Measure of the Interim Balance.
A Project between two Continents.
An Art Project by Marc van den Broek in cooperation with the Columbus Line Shipping Company of Sydney, Australia - a subsidiary of Hamburg-Süd, Germany - and the University of Sydney.
At the threshold of the next millennium the artist Marc van den Broek travels to the "new" world. On his journey from the old continent to the new he will be working and living in a freight container of the deck of the ship, which is to be incorporated as an organic whole into the project. The modern container vessel will sail from Hamburg via Kingston, Jamaica to Sydney. On board will be the artist and his kinetic sculptur, The Declaration of Independence, which is to be exhibited at The Art Gallery of New South Wales after its arrival in Sydney. The creative process involved in this project will encompass two distinct work phases: The first will comprise the work done by the artist during the voyage. The second phase will commence upon arrival in Australia and will be devoted to evaluation and further processing.


During the voyage across the oceans Marc van den Broek will be gathering and collecting a wide variety of data with the help of recording devices (Artographs) he has developed and designed himself - pieces of equipment he regards as kinetic objects of art. He will evaluate and process the data at his temporary workplace in the "art container". Each of the individual recording devices is assigned to a particular natural element (sun, wind, water) and to specific sense perceptions (image impressions, vibrations, sounds). For this purpose they are to be installed at fixed positions on and inside the ship. Others will be used for mobile operations. All of these artographs and sculptures have the character and appearance of future technologies employed in the distance past.

The following objects are to be put to use and/or installed on board by the artist:
1. The Solar Recorder - Motion Sensor
2. The C-Sharp Tone - Revolution of the Earth
3. The Battery - Stored Memory
4. Body Mechanicals 1 - The Helmet
5. Body Mechanicals 2 - Walking on Deck
6. Sensor Points - New Meanings
7. The Balance Organ - Visualization of the Ship´s Movement
8. Body Energy - Visualization of States of Mind and Being
9. To the Horizon - Perspectives of External Space

The container on deck, gold-plated by the artist, will be Marc van den Broek´s abode and workplace. Here, the mobile sculptures will be installed, maintained and adjusted. The blue solar panels on the roof of the container will provide energy for the entire system. The container will also serve as a transport case for van den Broek´s kinetic metal sculpture The Declaration of Independence, completed in 1992.
It is the heart of the entire project: a source of inspiration and symbol of the departure from a materialistic image of the world; at the same time a sign of a new beginning before the turn of the millennium. The journey to the antipodes is its maiden voyage: The manifesto of its seaworthiness and its vital capacities.
Phase two - Antipodes, in progress. Once in Australia, the container will be transported in Sydney to the Art Gallery of New South Wales. It is to be part of an exhibition in which the work of the artist and the entire project is to be presented to the public.

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