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The dream of flying has ever moved mankind ... here we enter the past of the future.
Schon immer hat die Menschheit vom Fliegen geträumt, hier betreten wir die Vergangenheit der Zukunft

Installations / Environments in Marburg, Wiesbaden, Langen and at Zuerich Airport.


Exemplary Description (Marburg):

Technical data entrance area
door opening covered by muslin curtain.
Element: Earth (Nature)
Floor: completely covered with plastic tilt, 7 tons (appr. 2 inches) of moisty clay spread on top, artificially quick dried in order to create cracks and a relief surface.

Element: Iron (Industry)
Bridge: the material is industrially produced rusty gridiron, width appr. 3 feet, elevated 4 inches above clay floor; total length 44 yards; distance from the walls appr. 5 feet. The foot bridge will be illuminated at regular intervals by 8 neon tubes.

Element: Light (Dissolution of Space)
Walls: A construction of wooden frames 6,5 x 6,5 feet draped with white muslin. The frames rise funnel shaped at 15 degree angle to the vertical walls, and in front of the windows as well. Being open on top and translucent the soft walls close out windows and natural light.

Element: Man (Power)
Pillar: Standing at the intersection of the room's diagonals, the pillar consists of black polished hard plastic with metal rails clustering round, height appr. 6 feet, basis 1,6 x 1,6 feet, forming the solid center.

Element: Air (Dream)

Mutants: 10 interactive flying objects (brass scelettons, electronic devices, white batiste) in different shapes suspended around the central pillar. The movements of their wings respond to sounds and movements in the environment.

Types of Mutants: D.V.-220 - SK-150 - k.H. 4 - ZON-220 - MA.I.C. 40 11. - Galera R. - FIL-20 - L.E.D. Garn. - Solar 500 A - Solar A 47 E 21


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