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Draft for the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art, Wiesbaden, Rheinstraße, Germany

The blade of an iron wedge, 7.5 m in height with a triangular base, points towards the portal at an angle of 45 degrees. Isolated from the iron by a minimal space, a brass plate is mounted along the entire length of the rear surface. The constrasting materials of iron and brass interact to form a galvanic element. The acute angle that points to the facade reproduces the baroque shape of the portal as a negative imprint and takes up the stylistic elements of the facade through inversion as a reflection of historical forms. The relationship between tradition and modernism emerges as a concrete interplay of tensions of material and form: when humidity or rain is added, the iron and brass materials behave like the cathodes of one galvanic element: an invisible flow of electricity is emitted towards the brass plate - transformation of matter into energy.

Dimensions: height: 7.50 m - width: 1.20 m - sides of triangle: 1.75 m each
Materials: iron and brass on steel framework

wegmarkeconcept 1.jpg
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