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Apocalypse 14.7
Interactive sculpture realized for the exhibition "Engel und andere himmlische Wesen" (Angels and Other Celestial Beings), Bad Soden, Bonn, Darmstadt, Hannover, Germany. Sponsored by the Evangelical Church of Germany; completed in 1987.

The sculpture reacts to the presence of the observer. His move towards the sculpture triggers a digital recording of a distorted voice reciting the text of Revelation 14:7.

Revelation 14:7 - 15:2
"... Saying with a loud voice: Fear God
and give glory to Him; for the hour of
His judgment has come: and worship Him
who made heaven, and earth, and the
sea, and the fountains of waters ..."

Measures: height: 2.90 m, width: 1.76 m, depth: 0.25 m

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