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THE HOLE, 1990
Plans for a permanent exhibition on Kranzplatz (Kochbrunnen) in Wiesbaden/Germany, inspired by the idea of providing space for the sculpture below ground location in the urban area

Position in the city
Wiesbaden city centre, at the northern most end of the shopping and pedestrian area, in the centre of Kranzplatz square at the main source of the Kochbrunnen, Wiesbaden's most famous healing spring and the source of its importance since Roman times (AQUIS MATTIACIS - source of the Mattiaci).

Using a ramp leading from the old pavilion of the source into the sculpture, "The Hole" can be entered through a break in the front longitudinal wall. Hot water from the Kochbrunnen source is running down these walls in the direction of the granite bottom of the installation "The Hole" – which lies about 15m below the surface of the environment. In the centre of this floor area a rounded, polished granite stone (diameter: 4m) is placed for seating facilities. The slightly bevelled walls at the sides of the hole are made out of roughly hewn granite plates, where the boiling water of the healing source is running down.

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