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. German Corporate Design Award 1994–1995
. Exhibit Design Award 2001 – Monsanto
. Exhibit Design Award 2001 – AVAYA (AT&T)
. Industrial Designers Society of America Excellence Awards – Silver, IDEA for the Cleveland Botanical Garden, 2004

. Art instructor, Private school Tripol e.V. and Roxy Studio, 1976–98
. Art instructor at Volkshochschule Wiesbaden/Germany, 1976–83
. Lectures at the Silpacorn University of Bangkok, Thailand, 1995
. Lectures at the MIT University of Melbourne, Australia, 1997

. Guest lecture and substitute faculty member of the MFA Computer Art Department at the SVA – School of Visual Arts, New York, 1998

. Lectures and advising at the RISDI – Rhode Island School of Design, 2000
. Lectures Polytechnic University Brooklyn Campus New York, Member of Metro Tech Center – Managing and Technological Change & Innovation, spring/autumn semester 2004

. Lectures at ASTC in CA, 2004
. Lectures at the NYU – New York University, NY, 2005
. Lectures at the University Hanoi/Vietnam, 2006

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